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Siddi Quilt Class

The Siddi people, from the Bantu people of Africa, were brought to India by Portuguese slavers. They now make up an Indo -African tribal community. Using worn out saris, thread and needles, The Siddi make quilts distinctive quilts. Called Kawandi quilts, they are made completely by hand, without pins, irons or embroidery hoops . Construction starts at the outside edges and fabrics are added while working towards the center. They can be large or small, and are traditionally made from old saris. Pamela will show you how these quilts are made, help you get started on a small project, and share tips, tools, and construction

Spicy Spiral Double Sided Table runner

Learn to make the Spicy Spiral Table Runner

Apr 16
Sunday Sew-ocial
Apr 17
History of Quilting in Loudoun County
Apr 20
Quiltfest Greenville