All these charm packages are 5 x 5 inches. The number of pieces in each package is different as it depends on the size of the collection. That's why all the prices are different.

Andover Dimples - All Colors

Buy the entire collection, either a Sample (4" x 4"), a Fat Quarter, 0.5 Yard or a Full Yard of each color (173), all labeled with color number. Andover is discontinuing a few colors, so this number may change. When you place your order, you will receive all possible colors.

You can also order a package of 50 5" squares without stickers. Colors are completely random, with no more than 2 of the same fabric.

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Ref # and-dimp-18ab-xy           
50 5 x5" pieces without labels each $9.95
173 Fat Quarters Each $519.00


Moda Marbles Charm Package
Each package has 50 Moda Marble 5" x 5" pieces. There will be 25 colors, so 2 in each color. The packages are completely random and never the same. The fabrics have no stickers for identification.
Sale--was 9.95


Ref # marbles-charm      $7.46 ea         Quantity:  

Michael Miller Fairy Frost Charm package
Each package will contain 50 pieces of Fairy Frost in size 5" x 5". There will be 25 colors, so 2 pieces of each colors. The packages are completely random and are all different. The fabrics do not have a label for color identification.
Picture is showing some of the possibilities. Your order will not be exact the same.


Ref # mm-ffcharmpackage      $9.95           Quantity:  

Moda Bella Solid Cham Pack Navy 20


Ref # 9900pp-20      $8.99           Quantity:  

Moda Bella Solid Charm Pack Charcoal


Ref # 9900pp-284-charcoal      $7.49           Quantity:  

Moda Bella Solid Cham Pack 9900-283


Ref # 9900pp-283      $8.99           Quantity:  

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