All my boxes are 100% handmade out of sturdy chipboard. Each box is covered with 100% cotton fabric on outside and inside. Tasteful combinations are made and each box is unique. . The boxes are hinged and can stand open. They are detailed finished with matching ribbons and handpainted wooden knobs. It is possible to request the use of special fabrics, matching a decor theme, a quilt etc. You can also provide me the fabric as long as it top quality quilter’s cotton. If you would like a specific size I can probably do this, as long as it not bigger than the biggest listed boxes. Rectangular boxes. Sizes are in centimeters Size 30x20 x11 (shoebox size) $57.50 Size 29x22.5x6 (legal paper) $49.50 Size 27x18x6 $47.50 Size 24x16x8 $45.00 Size 24x13x6 $41.50 Size 20x15x10 $42.50 Size 24x13x6 $41.50 Size 18x13x6 $39.50 Size 15x12x7 $37.50 Size 16x10x5 $34.00 Size 15x10x4 (2 decks of playing cards) $ 32.50 Square boxes. Sizes are in centimeters. Size 27x27x6 $49.50 Size 23x23x6 $45.00 Size 20x20x6 $42.50 Size 18x18x5 (dinner napkins) $39.50 Size 15x15x5 (cocktail napkins) $37.50 The boxes can be shipped. Actual shipping charges will be charged.

Carly's Boxes Grunge Chartreuse 18x8x5 cm

Grunge makes great boxes in your favorite color combination. This size holds dinner napkins
Ref # grunge18185-1

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