Half Pack Kits - created with five 1/2 yards of Fabric and a Free pattern
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Half Pack Quilt Kits

Half pack quilts are made up of five "half yard cuts" of fabric. Each pattern uses all of the half yard cuts to make the quilt top. We cut you a generous 1/2 yard so you can straighten up the sides. Do Not Preshrink Fabrics or you might not have enough fabric for the project. Cut very carefully as you will not have hardly any waste.

You will need an additional 3 to 3.5 yards of fabric for the backing. A twin size batting can be used for the filling.

An additional 1/2 yard of fabric for the Binding is needed.

Patterns have instructions for cutting and layout designs for assembly. You decide what color goes where and start cutting.

When you buy the kit, you will choose a pattern to go with it. Look at all the pictures below to choose which pattern you want.
Any of these patterns will work with the Half Pack Quilt Kits we have available.

After you purchase the kit and choose the pattern, we will insert the pattern in your kit and send it to you.

Select your pattern from the dropdown box so we know what to send you.

There is one bag/tote pattern and 9 quilt (small throw size) patterns to choose from.