Vestibule Quilt Pattern
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Vestibule Quilt Pattern

Public buildings built before the 1940s were known for their ornamentation, especially in the entryways. Owners and builders wanted a display their wealth, social status, and taste as soon as someone arrived on the premises.

Entryways or vestibules were the place where guests or visitors waited to be received.  This provided plenty of time and exposure to those symbols, which often included paintings, statues and intricate tile work. This tile work was the inspiration for “Vestibules.” In particular the art deco period, where simple clean lines dominated, provided the most influence.

Vestibules uses large pieces and simple Dresden blades to create a throw. Northcott’s Midas Touch Fabrics were the perfect match for this design. The faux marbling is simply fantastic.

Three colorways are offered for this quilt, so you can pick your favorite!

Finished Size: 51” x 67”

Skill Level: Confident Beginner

Introduction: This quilt is reminiscent of the beautiful marble entryways of historic buildings. Simple piecing and Dresden Blades make this quilt quick with a dramatic effect. Three colorways are available.