Pellon Shape Flex SF101 - 075269018844
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Pellon Shape Flex SF101

Pellon SF101 Shape-Flex is an all purpose, woven, fusible interfacing. It provides crisp support for collars, cuffs, yokes, pockets, facings, and other detail areas of a garment. It can also add body and permanent stability when used as a backing for needlework and punch embroidery. Shape-Flex is intended for light to medium woven and knit fabrics, including oxford cloth, chambray, gingham, madras, tattersall, pincord, flannel, and polyester/cotton blends. To pre-shrink, fill a sink with warm water. Place interfacing in water for about ten minutes. Do not put in washer or dryer by itself or you may loosen the adhesive. Gentle squeeze out excess water and allow to dry.
- White - 100% Cotton - 20" wide - All-purpose woven fusible interfacing provides crisp support - Sewing machine safe - Machine wash warm, Tumble dry medium or dry clean - Iron at wool/steam setting. Sold by the yard.